Andamio Eléctrico de Cremallera Montacargas Ascensores de Obra Plataforma de Transporte
Mast Climbing Work Platforms Material Hoists Personnel Hoists Transport Platforms


Advantages of the Mast Climbing Platform against the scaffold

tiempo montaje g esIn the assembly:

  • Fewer material transport (1500m² working area in a trailer)
  • Reduced assembly time (1500m² working area can be mounted by two fitters in a single day)
  • Less time when moving in the jobsite (It can be moved by crane)
  • Higher safety, masts sections are lifted by the machine itself.
  • Does not require installation project
  • Lower cost of acquisition
  • Reduced cleaning and maintenance

coste adquisicion g esIn operation:

  • Exactly working height
  • Greater width of the working platform
  • Fewer anchors
  • Easier access, the workers are lifted up on the machine
  • Possibility of gathering materials and lifting
  • Do not hide the façade
  • Avoid risks of intrusion




  "ENCOMAT develops an advanced model of work platform with the CDTI (Spanish Technological Center for Industrial Development)"

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