IZA 30/100 Andamio Eléctrico de Cremallera para Obra

IZA 30/100. Mast Climbing Work Platform for the construction

The IZA 30/100 work platform allows work on the facade in new construction as in rehabilitation.
It can be adapted to any type of construction by means of their versatility and variety of settings, covering a surface up to 4500 m2 façade and a load up to 1500 Kg.
It also provides a quick and easy assembly, which in one day and two assemblers can mount an area of up to 30 x 25 meters.
There are different configurations:
The single mast version, allows up to 10 meters horizontal working platform, and the twin mast version, up to 30 meters horizontal working platform. In both cases they can reach up to 150 meters high.
A system of telescopic extensions allows increasing the width of the working platform from 1.4 meters to 3.2 meters.


  • Possibility to mount brake parachute
  • Double engine brake groups and centrifugal brake
  • Automatic platform levelling system
  • Emergency stop system
  • Final limit switches for end poles
  • Mast final detector
  • Emergency descent system in case of emergency or power failure
  • Final mast without pinion rack and limit switches
  • Galvanized, self-draining, and non-slip floor platforms
  • Manoeuvre acoustic alarm
Technical data:
  • Load bearing capacity: 1500 kg or 16 persons
  • Lifting Hight: 150 m.
  • Lifting speed: 7 m / min.
  • Engine Power: 4,4 Kw Single mast / 8,8 Kw Twin mast.
  • Electrical power supply: 4,4 Kw Single mast / 8,8 Kw Twin mast / 380 V / 50-60 Hz.
  • Projecting Mast length: 4 m.
  • Anchoring distances: 6 m.
  • Mast section length: 1.5 m.

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