IZA PETC Plataforma de Transporte para Obra

IZA PETC 2000(S) Transport Platforms for Persons and Material

The Transport platform for Persons and Material has an additional advantage over the elevators and hoists, as it allows both uses with significant savings.
The Transport Platform for Persons and Material of ENCOMAT S.A. is a product specifically designed for construction with a rugged, compact, reliable and according to European safety regulations. Can be used either as work platform or as people and material hoist.
Naturally, these machines are equipped with common security devices such as switches, parachute device, emergency stop and security system against overload.
The IZA PETC 2000(S) has a high load capacity and great versatility by allowing different configurations for gateways, which makes it, along with its ease of assembly, the perfect choice for lifting people and all kinds of materials at the jobsite.
The IZA PETC 2000(S) has maximum load capacity of 2000 kg. Uses mast sections IZA-SERIES models compatible with other ENCOMAT S.A. products such as: IZA 30 / 100, IZA 1500 or IZA 16 PAX.
The motor is controlled by a frequency inverter that improves the performance of the equipment and extends the life of the hoist.


  • Level Selector without any limitation
  • Electromechanical locking systems in all the access doors
  • Mechanical and Electronic, anti-crushing system
  • Overload detector
  • Electronic mast sensor
  • Upper and Lower Redundant Limits switches
  • Brake motors with manual release
  • Manual / automatic selector: choice of operation mode according to the needs of each jobsite
  • Masts assembles with a single key, for safer and faster installation
  • Emergency stop
  • Manoeuvre acoustic alarm
Technical data:
  • Load bearing capacity: 2000 kg
  • Lifting height: 120 m.
  • Lifting Speed : 12 / 24 m / min.
  • Electrical Power supply: 400 V; 50/60 Hz.
  • Anchoring distances: 6 m
  • Projecting mast length: 4 m
  • Mast sections length: 1.5 m



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